I really like HTGAWM, but I feel like it needs to have better ‘viewer discretion’ warnings.  Because SPOILER ALERT that whole sudden suicide thing was - wow.  I mean, I’m ok, and there’s nothing about that that’s a specific problem for me, but I feel like that’s something that people should be warned about.  Because that probably hit really close to home for people, and it was shocking and visceral enough for me as a person who it doesn’t hit home for.

When Oliver smiles the entire world lights up.


He’s a walking ray of sunshine. 


then and n o w

Wes Gibbins in 1.04 Let’s get to snooping

-“She needs someone to trust and it looks like that’s you. Are you okay with that? Because it’s a lot of pressure but it’s very important to her. And to me.”

-“I can handle it.”

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